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Seán Ó Mainnín

  I come from Dublin but I’ve been living in Connemara for the past 17 years so I’m pretty much part of the granite by now. I worked in national newspapers in Dublin and it was a newspaper that first brought me here for three months back in the 90s. But south Connemara, with its patchwork of small, stone-littered fields, its mystery-tour boreens, the red sail of a traditional boat decorating the blue sea, the white glow of a Connemara pony in a misty evening, was too much to leave behind.

Connemara exercises a pull on you. As a photographer I’m drawn to such places, Monument Valley in Arizona, Abu Simbel in Egypt. Connemara has soul. I talked to a professional diver from Holland who said he had been everywhere but Connemara was his favourite. 
  You could have Connemara to yourself of an evening and its bogs and vast open spaces would play melancholic music to you, he said.  Training to be a marine and countryside guide only deepened my appreciation. I didn’t know that it was not part of Ireland originally but    only joined up later in geological time. (The rest of it is in Nova Scotia!) That the Twelve Bens were once bigger than the Himalayas. That, centuries past, Connemara people wore long hair and dyed it blond when that was not de rigueur elsewhere. I have a studio and gallery, “Connemara   Light”, exhibiting Connemara landscapes in Spiddal’s Craft Centre. You’ll see some of those photos on this Walking West website. On my tours I take people to beautiful locations - some world famous, some secret -  and show them how to take photos so that what they see is what    they take home in their camera. So why not join me - you don't have to have a super duper camera, I'll lend you one of mine.  Did I mention the light? It will stop you in your tracks. Whether it's a mountain, a bog or a beach, by photographing it I believe we're also paying homage to it.   
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